Monday Jul 24, 2017
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 OCVA Lions At Project VN Fund Raising Event


Lions Huy Hung and Huyen Chung emcee the event

Sunday September 25th, 2011
Paracel Seafood Restaurant, Westminster


On September 25th 2011, Project VN (PVN) had a very successful event and raised $30,000. This support will help PVN train one hundred rural health workers in newborn resuscitation and provide two hundred CPR kits, with each kit able to resuscitate 100 babies. So many newborn babies will be getting the blessing of a breath. And yet for so many other newborns that breath will not come. PVN's challenge is to double what Project Vietnam Foundation Gala Dinner raised before the end of 2011. Project VN goal is to raise another $30,000 from all those that believe, as Project Vietnam volunteers, that no newborn, no child, should struggle to live. Please join PVN to give the gift of life to a Newborn Baby!

 * Lions Huyen Chung and Huy Hung auctioning a painting

    About Project Vietnam 
    Project Vietnam Foundation’s mission is to improve the health and healthcare of people living in underserved rural communities of Vietnam. We carry out this mission through providing free healthcare services throughout the country, medical training of local healthcare professionals, and advocacy to reform government healthcare policies. Project Vietnam’s volunteer workers, nurses, physicians, dentists, and surgeons work together to improve health services in Vietnam and help all underserved Vietnamese live healthier lives. Project Vietnam has worked in needy provinces of Vietnam since 1996. Among past achievements of Project Vietnam has been a 3-year effort to identify vitamin K deficiency as a major cause of newborn death and campaign successfully for the adoption of a national policy for Vitamin K injection after birth.

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Community News

Dr Kieu
Project VN Founder