Monday Jul 24, 2017
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  Westminster Lions at Moon Festival
  For Adults and Children with special needs

Friday Sept 17th, 2010

Westminster Community Lions
 came out to help with this event, assisting TAViet, a non-profit organization, entertain and feed the children of Westview center.

The children of Westview Service Center

Dragon Dance

This is the 3rd year that the Vietnamese non-profit organization, “Trung Tam Viet Ngu Nam California” (Vietnamese Language Association of Southern Cal) in Westminster, put together a “Children Moon Festival” lunch picnic for the children with special needs. The event took place in the back yard of “Trung Tam Viet Ngu Nam California” in Westminster, CA.

The Moon Festival is a Vietnamese ancient celebration that revolves around children, like Halloween is in America. As a tradition, on the evening of the Moon Festival, families get together eating moon cake and drinking tea under the full moon, while the children parade on the streets singing and carrying colorful lanterns.

This year, the children with special needs are not forgotten. While the main 2010 Moon Festival event took place on Saturday Sept 18, the Vietnamese & Hispanic children with special needs of Westfield also had their own Moon Festival celebration. Westfield is a Vietnamese non-profit organization in Westminster that tends to hundreds of Vietnamese and Hispanic children and adults with special needs, such as Down Syndrome, under the guidance of the program manager, Angie Nguyen Fisher.

It was a day of celebration and the atmosphere was filled with fun, singing, dancing, and laughters. Colorful lanterns and the the traditional dragon dance added joy to the event. Lunch was served and gifts were distributed to the children. They sang and danced with joy and the sight warmed everyone's heart.

Led by the popular Vietnamese singer Mai Le Huyen
and Mr Hoang Vu, the "TAViet Band" sang their heart out

A solo song performed by Mai Le Huyen accompanied by WCL Lion Mike Pham and TAViet General Mgr Hoang Vu.

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