Monday Jul 24, 2017
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 Lions serving a Holiday meal for people with special needs

 WestView Management greet Lion Mike Pham & Lion Frances Nguyen

HBH Lion Tom Hollister, President Sandi Gleason,, Lion Hank Lopez, and DG Norm Mackenzie

HBH Lion John Trevennen & Lion Tom Hollister in action - Grilling hamburgers and hot dogs

HBH Lion Harvey Marklinger preparing foods

HBH President Sandi Gleason helping with serving foods

Lining up to be served

Lion Scott Nguyen, Lion Tony Ankrah & Volunteer Chau serve lunch

Reporter Pham Thanh (red shirt) from Little Saigon TV interviewing Westminster Community Lions

Little Saigon TV Reporter Pham Thanh interviewing HBH Lion Leonard Gleason

Volunteers Chau, Lieu, and Lion Frances Nguyen serving foods

 Volunteers Long, Anh & Chau
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  The people with disabilities of Westview Service Center

A Holiday meal for the less fortunate

After much planning, coordinating, and making arrangements, on the wintry morning of Friday Nov 19, 2010, the Westminster Community Lions (WCL) and the Huntington Beach Host (HBH) Lions gathered around Liberty Park in Westminster to serve a special holiday meal to a large crowd of over two hundreds (200) individuals with disabilities and seventy five (75) staff members of the Westview centers, along with a number of people from the media and guests. The crowd was projected to be around three hundreds (300) people.

Westview Services, a non-profit organization with centers located in cities throughout Southern California, is chartered to look after individuals with disabilities, and help them meet the challenges of daily life. Many are orphans, and some are more severely handicapped than others. These individuals with disabilities need constant supervision and are cared for by the Westview staff members. According to Westview Center Manager Angie Fisher, although these people’s basic needs are met, they seldom could afford some simple indulgences such as a gift, a toy, etc. Many individuals with milder disabilities are currently in need of a job, and could use the public’s help to locate these jobs. The purpose is to help them feel good about themselves and assimilate back into the community. Instances of the type of work that some of these individuals could do would be to clean silverware at restaurants, or simple assembly line work.

  The crowd lining up for foods and drinks

  People enjoying lunch

   Vietnamese TV and radio reporters providing

The Westview management team, CEO Gregory Gann, Director of Operations Pethuru Lourthu, Activity Director Carole Cooper, Manager of Westminster Westview Center Angie Fisher and Assistant Manager of Multicultural Program Chu Tat Tien, came ahead of time to help coordinate the event.

District Governor Norm Mackenzie came out to represent the Lions International. The Huntington Beach Host Lions led by President Sandi Gleason, included WCL Guiding Lion Leonard Gleason, Lions Harvey Marklinger, John Trevennen, Tom Hollister, Richard Filakousky, Janis Cruse, and Hank Lopez, took over grill duty. HBH Lion Eric Halsey hauled the Lions Trailer equipped with professional picnic equipment.

The Westminster Community Lions who came to serve were Frances Nguyen, Scott Lam Nguyen, Mike Khai Pham, Vanessa Bich Nhu, Tony Hoai, Winston Nguyen, Tony Ankrah, and Dr. Phuong Le. In the spirit of “serving the community”, the Lions’ goals set out for that day was to give the disabled people of Westview a fun day in the park where they can enjoy foods and gifts, and to put a smile on their faces.

TAVIET General Manager Khoa Nguyen and Director Hoang Vu, our event partners, came out to collaborate in communicating with the media.

    HBH Branch Club Lion Janis Cruse and Volunteer Lieu prepare grilled hamburgers, and Vietnamese
    hot food

Among the guests were Field Representative Lily Hien Nguyen from Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Office, volunteers, and several reporters from local TV, radio stations and newspapers such as Little Saigon TV, Little Saigon Radio, Hon Viet TV, SBTN, SET, Nguoi Viet Daily News, Nguoi Viet Herald, The Westminster Herald, etc.

While the Lions were setting up the barbecue grills and foods, Westview Assistant Manager Chu Tat Tien led a couple of prepared games and a Tai Chi class for everyone to enjoy. Others were dancing to the beat of rock and roll music from a portable sound system.

A few words from TAVIET Manager Khoa Nguyen (yellow shirt). (From left to right: DG Norm MacKenzie, Lion Winston Nguyen, :Lion Frances Nguyen , Lion Mike K Pham, TaViet manager Khoa Nguyen, Westview CEO Gregg Gann, and Lion Scott Lam Nguyen).

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The faces

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Westview Center

A Police Officer enjoying a lunch break

Westview Director Pethuru Lourthu, Lion Mike Pham, Assistant Mgr Chu Tat Tien

Lion Tony Ankrah helping with the condiments

Lion Mike Pham Emcee for the event program